BIPT draws up fixed coverage maps (Atlas) based on data communicated by operators. These data are collected for each address of the address inventory in Belgium. The information regarding the addresses are available via the following regional data registers: CRAB (Flemish Region), URBIS (Brussels Region) and PICC (Walloon Region).

Based on the collected data, Statbel, the Belgian statistical office, calculates aggregated coverage rates in terms of households and population, for the different geographical areas of the country illustrated on the map. BIPT does not check the accuracy of these data. However, it analyses their consistency and only displays plausible data on the map.

For practical reasons, BIPT is indeed unable to check the accuracy of the data. In each household, the connection speed mentioned by the operator at a given address should be checked to see if it matches the speed received by that household. Measurement campaigns of fixed connection speed are theoretically possible but are very expensive and logistically difficult to manage in practice.

Operators let you know the speed available at your address: