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Crowdsourcing data are collected via the BIPT speedtest application. These are generated by citizens, based on measurements automatically and regularly made by their smartphones on the field.

BIPT does not check the accuracy of these data. However, it analyses their consistency and only displays plausible data on the map. The statistical representativeness of the results is not guaranteed, because it depends on the number of measurement points collected. This number depends on the number of users who have downloaded the application and who generate measurement points in a given area. It should also be noted that BIPT has no control over the test conditions and environment.

It means, for example, that certain tests are made inside or outside houses and that the type of smartphone also varies. Finally, to be representative, the data displayed on the map require a large number of points and, therefore, of participants. For these reasons, BIPT decided to only display the aggregated data for the time being.



Signal strength (dbm) over time

Signal strength (dbm) comparison

Number of measurements over time

Number of measurements comparison

Number of devices over time

Number of devices comparison